I’ve had the privilege of sharing parts of my story on many occasions in a variety of different settings and it’s an absolute honour to have it impact the lives of others. I believe that our stories are only fully lived when shared with others.

I am always open to speaking on any specific subject, depending on what your function/event may be. Some key topics I’m passionate about are:

  • Living with Trauma
  • Never Giving Up
  • Finding Joy In Sorrow
  • How To Show Up for Those In Pain
  • When Foreign Aid Hurts (from my time serving internationally)

Just to name a few πŸ™‚

If you don’t know me well you’re probably wondering, why/how on earth is she qualified to speak on those topics or any other topic for that matter? Watch thisΒ videoΒ (click video) on a few highlights of my journey…. I only speak from the depth of my heart.

Connect with me at evagcool@gmail.com on any questions and to make arrangements!