Feminism vs Feminism


All eleven of us would be sitting around the table and one of the men would need a dash, all male eyes would then all turn to us, the females….. Because clearly, women get the salt!

Women fetched the salt and men got the allowance.

All nine of us siblings worked around the clock growing up and every cent of it went into a big whopping joint account. Then came allowance day. The boys all got their share and the girls nothing. Nada. Zilch!

I grew up in a culture that screamed the worth of men above women. It couldn’t be missed. Still can’t.

So yes, I am a feminist.

You figured as much?! You either want to stop reading now or your heart just smiled a little, depending on how that word sits with you. Either way, you should keep reading.

Feminism as the world defines it is very different from what it actually is.

The definition of feminism is for ‘women to be equal to men.’ As in, women aren’t just good to get the salt but they also deserve and want a freaking allowance.

It does NOT however, mean that men should get the salt and women should get the allowance.

Can we just both get the salt and both get the allowance???

Why do we do that?! We get so passionate about something and then we take it too far.

Trust me, I get all sorts of fired up when women get stomped on because they were born with the wrong genitals, and yes it still happens all the time.

But at the same time I see these ‘world defined feminist’ scream how women can do anything and everything better than any male ever has, and I want to scream at them too.

If we really want to work towards gender equality we can’t go over board. Then we find ourselves sitting alone in our churches, boardrooms and leadership meetings wondering where in the world all our men have gone.

Meanwhile they are probably hiding under a rock somewhere because we’ve put them there. Because really, we do everything better then them anyway.

I vote for feminism. I vote for equality. I vote for strong women AND strong men.

Because we all know we’re so much better together and only together will we be able to fight for equality as a whole.

You with me?

Until next time,



P.S. Thankfully I have amazing brothers who always took care of me regardless of what the norm was. I never went without. They always had my back. Also, they have learnt and now get their own salt, at least when I’m around 😉



image: http://facts.randomhistory.com/feminism-facts.html


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