Pain Exchange


Have you ever shared your pain with someone, like a good solid 15 minutes of your deep, deep hard, to have him or her turn around and say, “I’m all good, you have enough on your plate, don’t want to bother you with my hard?”

That makes you want to keep sharing your pain right?! One-way sharing is not a relationship. You pay professionals for that kind of listening.

The best medicine in those hard places is to know you’re not the only one in the pits. No, don’t make up a hard if you’ve got none, but lets be honest, most of us don’t need to look far for our very own hard.

There is also the famous, ‘my experience is nothing compared to yours.’ Loved one, one of the first things one learns in hard places is to feel deeply for whatever your hard may be.

In the last couple months I have felt pain beyond words.

The pain of missing a country more than I ever thought possible. The pain of seeking God’s hand in a life where He seems so distant. The pain of deep, deep betrayal from people who probably mean well. The pain of all those March anniversaries. The pain of returning to all those places that hold so many memories. The pain of such an uncertain future. I could go on and on.

The pain alone would have left me in a deep dark pit.

But, in those moments months of pain I have been met with indescribable grace….

The grace in the extended embrace of someone who too knows the pain of deep loss. The grace in the spirit lead responses. The grace of simply being in someone’s presence, exchanging that deep pain without a word spoken. The indescribable grace in those who are truly sensitive to your pain without judgement and willing to allow you into theirs. I could go on and on.

So many of you have extended immeasurable grace to me in the last months, thank you!

A few of you have imprinted words on my heart that have kept me going…. Thank you for breathing life and hope into my pain.

Friends, lets be sensitive and extend grace, even if it makes us uncomfortable.

It’s time to stand together and exchange our pain. Carry each other’s burdens if you will. Only then can we rise above and become stronger. Together.

Until next time,



One thought on “Pain Exchange

  1. “Loved one, one of the first things one learns in hard places is to feel deeply for whatever your hard may be.”
    This is so true. So, so true. Well said, Eva. Hugs to you, amiga!

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