Today I’m getting out of the boat, getting into my own boat and then I’m going to go upstream.

That’s right, paddling against the current.

I have been pondering this for a while now and the more I ponder it, the stronger I feel about it.

E-Advice… it’s everywhere.

10 ways to perfect parenting, 15 steps to staying married. How to be a perfect wife, mom, friend, daughter. How to deal with depression. How to live longer. How to cure cancer. How to REALLY live life. How to be happy. How to love. I could go on and on and on and on.

It is in our faces ALL DAY.

What do you do? Pick one and become the perfect parent and watch your marriage go down the drain because you forgot step 14? Or try and do them all and suffocate because at the end of the day you’re not a perfect anything?!

A manual/steps on how to live my life would be great, but a manual/steps on how someone else lived their life…. For me to do in my life?

Each one of our journey is so different. SO, SO, SO different (should I emphasize that a bit more? ). Even if our stories were similar, at the end of the day, how we feel, deal with and process our story is still so different.

So I am left to wonder, is all this E-Advice really beneficial or are you drowning in it like I am?!

Maybe we are left feeling the way we feel, because we have all this stuff shoved into our faces and it’s robbing us of really living and actually feeling our own unique story.

Maybe our story is so raw that E-Advice has become salt on our wounds.

Maybe the only E-Advice we need is to STOP.

Stop trying to live someone else’s life in ours.

If we turned off all E-Advice for a week and only focused on the advice of the one who REALLY knows our story. Our precious unique story, carved out specifically for you and me. The one who knows our hearts, our hurts and desires….

I am left to wonder if we’d be suffocating in that too?

Like I said, up stream. Against everything the world is throwing at us.

Life YOUR life. Feel YOUR life.

Until next time,


P.S – No I’m not saying all advice is bad. I’m just saying that the millions of generalized lists and manuals often leave us feeling so deflated. They rob us of living our own unique self which God so beautifully prepared for us to live.

P.S.S – Yes I realize I might have just given you more E-Advice. Ugh, you get what I’m saying!

P.S.S.S (haha, is that even ok?) – Yes, something is different around here. Change. That’s all, just more change.


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