What’s Happening to Me?


I’d be lying in bed, thinking about my day and remember that I forgot a load of towels in the dryer and that was it. I could not fall asleep until I’d gotten up, made my way over to the dryer, and folded those darn things at whatever crazy hour I’d remembered. Because the towels would be all wrinkled if I left them?!

Everything had its place and it needed to be there before I could sleep.

People would promise something and I’d hold them to it, or else…

I couldn’t breath.

Some would say I was a little bit (okay maybe a lot bit) OCD.

Then I had a child.

If that wasn’t enough, I moved to Bolivia… To a country were order is something you do when you want chicken and rice


Our car is once again sitting outside on our parking pad and I’m so thankful. I think to myself, that wasn’t so bad.


Vehicles have this little gage and when the little handle goes into the red, apparently it’s not good. And well that was happening to ours, and it smelled funny from under the hood. I had been keeping an eye on the gage and the coolant level for a couple weeks already, not wanting to say anything to Gary because I knew what would come next.

Well, Friday I knew it was time and made the dreadful trek over to a mechanic. AH yes something is definitely wrong, but its Friday and it’s the long weekend so I am to bring it in first thing (9am) on Tuesday. Wonderful….

I am there at 9:00 Tuesday morning. I wait until 9:30 and there is still no one at the shop. Well, it’s raining and we’re in Bolivia, where when it rains it’s like a snow day. So I call the mechanic, “Ah perdón señora, en 5 minutos estara alla.” “Gracias señor, muy amable.”

Ok, I just waited for 30 min and when the guy told me he’d be there in 5 min I thanked him and said he was very kind?!?!?

Ooohh, but it only gets better.

When he finally gets there 15 minutes later (I smile and hand him my car keys) he tells me he’ll have the car ready by the end of the day, or latest Wednesday morning. But he’ll call me as soon as he knows something.

I wait. And wait. And wait.

I call him Tuesday morning, “Señora, en una hora te llamo con el precio de los repuestos.” In one hour he is going to call with the price of the parts?!?!?!

That would mean they haven’t even gotten the parts yet, which would also mean they haven’t even started on the car yet.

“Perfecto! Gracias señor.” Yep, that’s what I said.

Wednesday goes by and I call him every 2-3 hours to see how they are doing and every time he promises he will call as soon as he knows something. And every time he never calls… of course I call him again.

Thursday 5pm and we’re still playing this game. He tells me, “we’re putting it back together and I’ll call you in an hour to let you know when it’ll be ready.” (Yes there was a part of me that still believed he might actually call, but he didn’t… again….)

I call him at 7 and he says, “Si señora, ya esta listo, hace una hora.” Hahahah… So it’s been ready for an hour already.

You can imagine what happened when I saw him right?!?!

We get there; he greets me with a firm handshake… “Que bueno verte señora Eva.” (Gracias, good to see you too, where’s my darn car?!?) He explains what the problems was (changed the thermostat), hands me the keys and……. Wait for it…..

I shake his hand, thank him for the great work he’s done and tell him I appreciate him fixing our car… And…. We drive away.

Yep, that’s what happened.


3 days and many, many phone calls later I tell myself “that wasn’t so bad.”

There is a load of laundry in the dryer and there’s no way I’m getting up to fold it.

I stepped on some toys on my way to bed. I flinched but then just kept walking.

Yesterday someone told me they’d meet me at the market at ten. Then called at 10:30 to say that they weren’t going to make it. I enjoyed the market by myself.

Someone rear ended me on Monday (again) and by the time I pulled over he was gone in the sea of white taxis and I went about my way (well after saying something like “oh no you didn’t you…. Little. White. Taxi. You!!” :p). Then prayed that it’d be minimal damage (which it was, thank you Jesus).

We were to have a meeting today and it was cancelled late last night to which I had scheduled my whole week around. Oh well, another time then.

Gary just asked me when we were leaving for the country (I work there on weekends and it’s my weekend on) and I said, “not sure yet we’ll see what we decide.” “But it’s Thursday already.” “I know, that means we still have Friday before the weekend right?!”

Yep, something has definitely happened to me.


Many a days in the last years I have prayed, “God prepare me for what you have prepared for me.”

Who said He wasn’t listening?!

Literally, I COULD NOT, WOULD NOT survive my life right now if God had not allowed this change in me.

You knew, you know. Because of that, I TRUST, and because of that I can face tomorrow.

Perhaps there is some preparation happening in your life lately?

Until next time,


One thought on “What’s Happening to Me?

  1. Hehe! We always had a running joke about “Bolivia time” in our house growing up. My uncle lived/worked there for many years and we always knew when he was home that he would arrive several hours after his stated time to any gathering. The Filipinos seem to have this same attitude towards time… 😉

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