Ants & Mold


Bolivia has two seasons… Ants and mold.

Right now it is ant season. Which is like the Canadian winter, 10 months out of the year.

They are not the big normal ant thingy’s, they are the evil crawling pepper kind of ants.

I kid you not when I tell you there are ants EVERY WHERE, for real. I have everything in the kitchen in Tupperware containers, seriously. In Canada that’s the ‘cool’ thing to do. You have your kitchen all neatly organized with Tupperware, but here you have to.

It sucks because you can’t ever find anything and you have to move every thing out of your cupboard to find the packet of icing sugar that was all the way at the back in a packet in a Tupperware container sealed shut, only to find that those creepy crawly pepper thingy’s STILL got into it.

Sigh. I feel better now….

Oh but wait, I’m sitting on the couch and there is pepper crawling all over me. What the dickens?!?! THE COUCH? There isn’t even any food on here. Oh right, there is that one itty-bitty peace of something that fell behind the cushions and everyone and their dogs is coming for it.

You get the picture, ants everywhere.

So you think ants are bad, well let me tell you about mold season.

Well you just replace the word ‘ants’ with ‘mold’ and that’s pretty much it.

Except hold is really only two months out of the year instead of ten and it doesn’t crawl… but it grows so fast it looks like it’s crawling.

Ok so you’re probably thinking that, ‘oh they have some mold in their house during the humid rainy season, but it can’t be that bad.’

Hear me out…. my scarves, my belts, medicine bottles, anything you do not touch for a day will be grey.

I cannot count how many times in two months I heard Gary say, “Oh for crying out load, now this is covered in mold.”

Sounds horrible right?!

Well, here is the thing. They are just that, ants and mold.

Now that mold season is over and ant season is upon us, I think back and feel that mold season was probably a bit easier and I enjoyed it more because with it came rain and I love rain…

Seasons change. Vocabulary changes..

As mold season has turned into ant season so has the vocabulary from ‘changes to regrowth.’ The realness of regrowth season has me remembering ‘changes’ season….

I feel as though perhaps ‘changes’ season was probably not as challenging as what is yet to come.

So as you can see, at the end of the day, ants and mold are just a part of the country where my heart is super content and it seems minuscule to regrowth and options.

A season for everything under the sun…. some we enjoy, some we don’t understand….how we get through them, is a choice we have to make… Daily.

Until next time,

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