Breathing through the Storm


I’m sitting outside in a hammock in 30 degree weather. Completely calm. I can hear the birds chirping. Beautiful flowers blooming. All seems perfect and then…… sssbbttttt. Sssbbbtttt. You guessed it, mosquitos!!!! Why on earth do these creatures love me so much? The feeling is definitely not mutual.

I feel like that is sort of how life goes. You sit down after a storm and just as you start to enjoy the sun, BAM! Out of nowhere the thunder rolls.

Sometimes the storm lingers and you long to see the sun again. BUT until it does, you’ve got to breath through the storm whichever way it works. Hopefully in a manner that pleases the Lord.

My involvement with the radio ministry has recently increased and I am SO thankful for that.

My thankfulness in this seems a bit odd considering the amount of things I need to learn and work through.

My days consist of English, Low German and Spanish. In any given hour I speak all three. With Spanish still being really rough and not having had to switch between languages like that before, by the end of the day my head often feels like a giant blob of nothing.

None the less, my thankfulness in this runs deep. I am thankful that I get to serve the Lord through this ministry and that people get to learn about my King through this.

But there is more, I am thankful that I now have an area in my life where I can focus on something other than the uncertainty of Gary’s health.

We have been really quiet about that for a number of reasons. Mostly with respect to Gary and his desire to live as ‘normal’ as he can. Just know that things are far from ‘normal’ around here. If and when a significant change needs to happen, you will hear about it.

Until then, we appreciate you breathing through the storm with us.

And if you are breathing through your own storm, know that my heart longs to sit in silence with you….

Until the sun shines through,



2 thoughts on “Breathing through the Storm

  1. Lol, Mosquitos? What are they? Just a little while ago I read that if you carry a fabric softener sheet in your pocket they stay away!
    May God give complete peace concerning Gary’s health? One thing I’m sure of, like you said, he’s right there. I figure if he sees and knows how many hair are on our heads, he’s GOT to see the deeper issues as well!

  2. Breathing with you and praying for you…we haven’t forgotten you, and more importantly, neither has our Faithful Father.

    Best wishes, Enid Sanford at RGBI

      “In Christ alone…”


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