We’ve been in Bolivia for over five months now and I feel like we’ve lived here forever.

Sometimes I hate that. You know, when you can’t really remember life before and it feels like life has always been THIS. I feel like that makes me take THIS for granted….

I faintly remember our time at language school. I think it was REALLY hard.

Then our time back in Canada, seriously feels like a big giant blur.

What I do remember though, very CLEARLY at that, is March 21, 2013. I had been having crazy nightmares for a while and I could feel deep in my heart that something was coming.

I had experienced this twice in my life before.

I wasn’t prepared though….

I have no stinking clue how we’ve made it through a year of life with that 6 letter word dragging behind us. Pulling against us.

But, here we are and I’d have to say the other half has done well. Really well. Under the circumstances.

I on the other hand…..

Well, for today we’ll just leave it at that. I came here to write about life in Bolivia.

So what is life really like in Bolivia? Well, right now I’m sitting inside, in the living room and I’m getting eaten alive by mosquitos. It happens every night, you’d think I’d be use to it by now. Nope. Still pisses me off every night. At the end of the night, I’m covered in bites and they haven’t even touched Gary. Yes I said this happens inside!!! I don’t know how these evil little creatures get in. They just do!

I am honestly getting so used to seeing life here that I hardly see it anymore. Which is not good, so I’m trying to look intentionally.

That was until some guy decided to give me a show for my birthday. Starch naked. Bathing in a puddle. In the middle of the street. Bar of soap and all. Heidi knows! 😉  

I have to hum when I drive. Yes, I need to occupy my mouth… Really, it’s better this way.

There are stray dogs EVERYWHERE! I was never a huge dog fan before we came, now?! Ugh!!!

We share the roads and the neighbourhoods with random cows, chickens and any other animals you can think of. They are just there. Eating garbage.

There is a HUGE difference between the poor and the wealthy here. I know it is like that everywhere to an extent, but I feel like it’s way more so here.

We almost fit into the ‘wealthy’ category for Bolivian standards. We have a nice, very reliable SUV and we have a super nice apartment (no we don’t live in a straw hut, I admire people that do though). The only thing we’re lacking is the ‘model wife.’ Ha ha. Honestly everything I own is REAL. :p

I don’t even see all these things anymore. They are just there and that is just life here. Well ok, when I go to the gym in the morning and I’m surrounded by sizes I’ve never seen. Even I look. 😉

Besides all that, there are beautiful flowers in bloom all year round, palm trees. Rain. Nice warm weather. Ya you guessed it, I have to remind myself to ‘see’ that too.

That’s the thing that makes me sad about getting so use to THIS. We don’t even see it anymore and then it becomes normal. Then we stop enjoying the beauty and loose our drive and passion to better things.

The thing is, if we stay in THIS a little bit longer and hold off on the next MRI, it’ll give us just a bit more time to prepare for THAT. What ever THAT may be.

THIS get’s comfortable, THAT has so many unknowns.

We forget that God is in THIS and in THAT…………


Until next time, 


And because of his glory and excellence, he has given us great and precious promises. 2 Peter 1:4


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