Dear 2013


I am so glad you are (almost) over.

On the surface, you haven’t been very nice to me. Enough so, to make me a bit bitter about you.

Because I am human, I will probably never look back and remember you with fondness. I’m not even going to deny it, because I know that 2005 and 2009 are remembered very much like you will be.

I feel like you were a tad inconsiderate and selfish. Actually, I feel like you knocked me down and then spat on me. Yep, that good.

You have opened my eyes to a whole other level of pain. Pain I never could have imagined.

I’m not even going to ask what your problem was or why you had to be that way. Because I’ve come to grips with the fact that that is just how you had to be.

You know what? 2014 is coming and because of what you did to me, I get to start the new year with greater faith, trust and dependance on my Jesus than ever before. Ya, like I said, it’s at surface level that I don’t like you (and probably never will). But yes, deep down you did me good… don’t get too cocky now….. it’s a hard, difficult, love/hate kind of good.

Now can you just go tell your buddy 2014 to be good to me please? Can I ‘JUST BE’ for one year?

Oh I can only imagine what 2014 has up it’s sleeve…….

Until next time,

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