The other day, after sharing a bit of my testimony someone asked me how I was still sane.

Then a couple days after that, I was asked how it was possible that I still believed in God and that I still wanted to serve Him.

You see, I know something deep down in my heart that I cannot put into words.


I will share with you what I can put into words.

Over the last year I have learned what it means to REALLY rely on God. Read that last sentence again. Yes I said, rely on God. I feel like the definition of relying on God would mean something so different for those that have had a pretty uneventful life.

Although I don’t wish trials and struggles on anyone, in a sense I want to pray for trials and struggles for each of you so that you can sense what it means to rely on God second by second. I feel like only when EVERYTHING is out of your control could you really know what it means to fully rely on God. When you’ve got NOTHING else.

This is the BUT in my life. I feel life. I express life. But ALWAYS come back to that utter deep, deep reliance on God to prepare me for whatever he has prepared for me.

As long as there is breath in me, I WILL NOT GIVE UP.

That is what keeps me going.

What keeps you going?

Until next time,

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