They Came to Serve


In the short month that we have been here I have been extremely encouraged by what we’ve seen.

While we were preparing to come to Bolivia, we would sometimes run into people that didn’t agree with ‘sending North Americans to serve abroad.’ I was always intrigued by hearing their reasoning.

I don’t agree with sending people abroad to ‘teach’ everyone else how to do it the North American way, but I do think as North Americans we can go abroad and SERVE ALONG side the locals.


Our home church in Lethbridge has a sister church in Quebec that they work with and support. Well, the team pictured above came from Tarija, Bolivia to serve and bless a church in Sanay, Bolivia. We got the privilege to serve and share along side of them. It was so good for my soul. 

The church in Tarija has been blessed by many missionaries over the years who have served in Tarija, now they say it’s their turn to serve and bless others. 

The church in Sanay is very new and needs lots of encouragement. Essentially they came down to help build the church building, but it rained all weekend so the two church groups cooked together, sang together, laughed together, cried together and worshiped together. 

When it was time to go our separate ways, you could feel the connection between the two groups. They both have dreams and a desire to continue this relationship to serve and encourage each other. 

And wouldn’t you know it, today I welcomed a team of 6 men into the guest house here, Spanish speaking latino men, from Vancouver Canada, originally from Columbia, here in Bolivia for a week facilitating and teaching pastoral sessions. 

That’s what serving looks like, 

Until next time, 


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