Life as we know it…

So we’ve been here for a while now and if you’re wondering what life is like, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve both started doing a bit of ‘work’ outside of just ‘living.’ Yes, the first while just ‘living’ in a new country is ALL consuming.

Gary is working at Talita Cumi doing maintenance and being a great Tio to the kidlets there. He loves fixing different things around the home and is gearing up for the kid’s summer holidays in a couple weeks. I want to video Gary working with 20+ kids around him. This could be humorous.

I have started on a couple different projects, mostly from the house. I’m working on a promotional video for Talita Cumi (children’s home) and one for Ruth & Noemi (transitional house) along with a bit other admin stuff.

We had a chance to go to the country this last weekend and we loved it!! It gave us an opportunity to visit the Mennonite area and got my heart pumping with ideas and passion on how we can serve along side the missionaries there.

I’m sure that some of the long term missionaries here are thinking, oh the newbies!! While Gary is content with serving at TC and honing his Spanish. I on the other hand, can’t stop writing down ideas and passions of where I would like to serve. It’s a good thing I have people (like my husband and fellow missionaries) to give me ‘the eye’ of you really want to take on the world, don’t you?!

So at this point we are learning Spanish, getting to know the city,Β dreaming of opportunities to serve and praying for guidance.

Learning what to do and what not to do.

It’s sort of over whelming for the most part. The tension of language barrier, not knowing your way around, having to ask for guidance on everything and learning a new culture. It’s great, really! πŸ˜‰

We want to be as up front and personable as possible, so feel free to ask any questions you may have. If you’re waiting to hear on the number of converts from the first month, I guess I’ll be the one to tell you that you won’t find that here. Our motto is, “love on them like Jesus loves on us.” That takes time.

Here are some random pics from the city of Santa Cruz.

IMG_0153 IMG_0160 IMG_0161 IMG_0162 IMG_0149

Until next time,

4 thoughts on “Life as we know it…

  1. Hi Gary & Eva,

    You two are amazing! We are so proud of you with the way you are adjusting to life in a new country! It’s wonderful to hear about your adventures and experiences! Thank you so much for taking the time to communicate with us back here at home! It’s great to see your enthusiasm and your desire to make a difference in the lives of people you are meeting!

    How is Alayna doing? Adjusting okay? Now about you Gary? Has your energy level picked up yet? After all you’ve been through this last year, you are doing so well. It’s good to read that you’re finding meaningful ways to work at TC. I’m sure you’re a huge blessing there. Your gifts and abilities will be so welcome! Eva, yes it is good you have Gary to help keep your feet firmly planted on the ground! We love your heart and your desire to bless the people you interact with.

    We bless all three of you and Trust that you will continue to experience God’s grace…..His empowering presence in all you do.

    With our love & blessing,

    Graham & Sherry


    1. Thank you Graham & Sherry! Always so good to hear from you. Alayna is doing good for the most part. It’s been interesting to see how the language barrier effects her already, she connects mostly with those that speak English. She is constantly asking us to speak Spanish to her, finds it humorous. On Sunday we tried to put her in the nursery in German church and she came back crying saying the lady was speaking funny to her. πŸ™‚ I often speak German to her but this over whelmed her. Right now she is cutting 2 molars, with that comes runny nose and extra irritability but until now she’s been completely healthy. She does ask for her friends and family back home almost daily. When we tell her they are far away, she then has to pray for them.

      Gary say’s his energy is definitely not 100%, but he’s thankful we finally found something to help his stomach problems. He was on round 3 of IBS since we got here and we’re praying we curbed it now with black walnut hull. He rests a bit every afternoon and that get’s him through the day. He’s still on anti seizure med’s which could be a reason for his low energy level.

      We love and appreciate you both so much!
      Gary & Eva

  2. Hi Eva, just wanted to write a little note to say how glad I am to have stumbled across your blog. I am enjoying your updates very much. Praying for you as you learn to live and communicate in a new culture.

    1. Thanks for stopping in and taking the time to journey with us and even leave a comment. πŸ™‚ I checked out your blog and see you are on a adventure of your own! I love what you do! Much respect, Eva

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