Pedro longs to be loved.


Some days I wake up and pinch myself because it doesn’t feel real. We are in Bolivia, slowly getting the hang of life here, learning Spanish and starting a few ministry projects.

Many of you are already aware of one of the projects we are involved with. Talita Cumi, a home for orphaned and/or abandoned children.

Gary and I had been supporters of this ministry for a couple years already, so it’s fantastic to now be able to serve there physically.

It’s an absolute perfect fit for Gary as to where he is at in life right now. He’s going to keep the place in tip top shape. With 20+ children living there, he’ll never run out of work. (That is until he teaches the boys there to take care of it).

He looks forward to going there and can’t believe when it’s time to leave. Perhaps the honeymoon phase will ware off yet. 😉

So where do I come in? Well, when we toured Talita Cumi in 2011, they shared with us how under funded they were. Seriously, the staff give it there all for these kids and every month they have to find ways to cut corners financially. Maybe a few more meat-less meals, wait on taking them to the dentist or what ever they feel they can do that month. THIS BLOWS MY MIND!

These kids have no family to go to at the end of the day. The staff there is all they have. I can’t even wrap my mind around what that must feel like. I feel like the least we could do is feed them properly, clothe them, give them an education and love on them with ALL we’ve got.

So when I heard how underfunded they were, I instantly felt like something needed and could be done about that. This is where I come in. Yes, you will be hearing a lot about this and yes I will ask you for money.

Today I want you to meet Pedro (pictured above). Pedro and his sister Vania came to Talita Cumi 3 months ago, abandoned by their family.

Don’t you just want to stop and hug this smiley guy? Perhaps come and do a puzzle with him? (His favorite thing to do). Pedro is 5 years old and with the right support and love he will go places and make a difference. Give him a virtual hug, pray for him and commit to donate $50 a month (or whatever amount you choose) to meet his basic needs. You can do that here by clicking here: Support Pedro.

Stay tuned to hear about different ways to bless Talita Cumi and other opportunities in the weeks to come.

Have you made someone smile today?

Until next time,


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