I hear Gary laughing in the other room and it makes my heart so happy.

Do you know how hard it is to not make your husbands happiness your business?!?! Seriously, it is one of the hardest things I’ve had to learn. Yes it’s my honor to love on him, but I’ve come to realize how far out of my league it is to make my husband ‘happy’. It’s hard to understand. Even harder to live out.

Think this is crazy stuff? I know, because with marriage vows comes the idea that you have the responsibility to your spouse’s happiness. I understand that this is hard to comprehend but I’ve had to learn it, feel it and see it.

It seems to me that you could only really comprehend this, once you’ve been in a situation where nothing you do, will change the circumstances to the others ‘happiness’. These situations make you aware of what true happiness is and where it comes from.

You see, happiness is from with-in. There is only one true, pure happiness. Christ!

I am so thankful for that. Because on days like today, where Gary is in the bathroom more than not (flu or something), I am thankful that his happiness is not my business and not circumstantial. If I hadn’t learned this lesson on so many occasions in the months past, I would serve my heart out to make him ‘happy’ to no avail.

Now I serve him in love, remembering his happiness is in Christ. Takes so much pressure off of me and who am I kidding, the happiness he finds in Christ far surpasses the happiness I can give him.

Until next time,


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