Answered Prayer


Our home for the next 6 weeks until we move into our apartment.

We are glad to be writing you from our new ‘home’ in Santa Cruz Bolivia. We hope this email finds you well as you begin your thanksgiving weekend (for our Canadian friends).

Although any day is a good day to be thankful, this weekend is always a special time to remember the immense amount of blessings we receive (and take for granted) everyday.

We are specifically thankful for prayer and how God answers prayer. Even those that we feel are too small or insignificant to him.

Just in the last couple of days our prayers have been heard and answered in a mighty way.

  • We are in BOLIVIA!!
  • ALL of our luggage arrived with us.
  • Completely UNEVENTFUL flights.
  • PEACE in our hearts beyond comprehension.
  • Gary is OUT THERE with his español.
  • Alayna is her little SWEET SELF.

We are content and ready to see what God has for us in this next chapter of our lives.

We continue to covet your prayers as we ‘set up’ life here.

Thank you again for journeying with us, together with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, people will come to find FREEDOM in CHRIST.

Until next time,


4 thoughts on “Answered Prayer

  1. We keep praying, So thankful that your trip went well, so did ours, we arrived at RGBi Fri at noon, it
    is very hot here, the AC is running non stop Love you guys, by the way, thank you for the DQ
    card, we had no trouble enjoying it!!! God bless!!! Harry and Verna

  2. Hi Gary & Eva,

    So glad that you made it to Bolivia with an uneventful trip! That is always nice! We are grateful for how God met you this past year…how He met you each step of your journey back here in Canada…..and how He will continue to walk with you every step of this new adventure you’re beginning now! We are so pleased we got to spend that one morning with you a few weeks ago. We are proud of you and blessed with your responsiveness to the Spirit of God working in your hearts.
    Love & blessing, Graham & Sherry

  3. So very, very happy for you guys! Keep posting and including pictures. I actually don’t know ANYTHING about Bolivia, so I’m excited to learn through your blog!

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