Hey guys, so no news has been good news. Gary has been feeling really well! Well enough to be working around the yard a bit. Even well enough to go for his 2nd wings night with his buddies. 

Our schedule for the next while is listed below. A bit intense but intense could also be our last name, so with God’s strength we’ll be just fine. If you are in any of the areas listed below, come join us, we’d love to see you in person!

God has and continues to do big things, so happy to be a part of that!!! We continue to covet and appreciate all of your prayers and support.

September 1 – Speak at Harrison Gospel Church

September 8 – Speak at College Drive Community Church

September 15 – Speak at Hepburn Gospel Church

September 18 – Gary MRI (Calgary)

September 22 – Speak at Champion Efree Church

September 26 – Appointment to go over MRI results (Calgary)

September 29 – Speak at Whitecourt Hilltop Community Church

Departure for Bolivia – Depending on MRI results but praying for sometime in the week of October 7th…… 

We have written these in pencil, and will allow God to write them in stone. (Or erase them).

Until next time,


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