Starting Radiation

Gary starts radiation this Monday (June 17), which will be the first of 33 treatments he needs to do. His appointments will most likely always be at 10:30am. I am telling you that so you can pray for him specifically during that time, as well as through out the day. 

Please pray for minimal side effects. The doctors tell us that side effects will most likely start after a week or so. Normal side effects are, dizziness, nausea (which he already has from seizure meds), hair loss, fatigue and eventually his head will burn (like a really, really bad sun burn). 

This last week Gary’s headaches, nausea and dizziness have been stronger than before. We are not sure why, we’ll be meeting with his oncologist in the next week or so, hopefully to be told that this is normal and will subside. Pray for this please. 
Pray for a smooth adjustment to our accommodations in Airdrie, where we will be staying with a friend until the beginning of August. 
Other than that, pray that we’d continue to be able to find joy through the day, that we would fix our eyes on Jesus and glorify Him in all we do and say. 
We praise God for each of you, sincerely we sense your prayers in a real way. Your support is beyond anything we could have ever imagined. 
Many blessings & much love,
Gary, Eva & Alayna

3 thoughts on “Starting Radiation

  1. Eva, I am very thankful for the insight into your lives through your posts. This is Tracy, Gary’s cousin, whom he has not seen in years! I live a few hours north of you in Wetaskiwin. Can you contact me via the email I have left? I would like to offer as much help as I can.

  2. We are praying too from Berlin, Germany. (Know of you guys through CDCC in Lethbridge and your brother Brian.)

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