Post Surgery Update

Dear Family & Friends, 

We cannot thank each of you enough for your support. This morning I stand at the throne with a heart over flowing with gratitude. 
After what seemed like the longest day of my life I was able to see Gary yesterday at 7pm, and he greeted me with the biggest smile! The surgery went really well, thank you LORD!
Those of you that know Gary will know that his humor goes where he goes. Being hooked up to countless machines, bad nausea, head pressure and all other post brain surgery struggles does not stop this guy. The nurses told me as long as his eyes are open he’s got something to say…… 🙂 Let’s pray for continued good spirits. 
The same way you prayed for the surgery to go well please praise God for what he’s done!!! Continue to pray for benign tumor results and quick healing.  The tumor results should be back in a week or so. They will do another MRI today, so lets also pray that they were able to get ALL of the tumor out. 
Yesterday morning pre-surgery the neurosurgeon told his team, “This surgery is going to go great, I can feel it. These guys are too positive for it not to and plus, we have to get this guy better so they can get to Bolivia.” Amen!!!!!
Thank you again for the out pour of your support, we are forever great-full!!

Gary & Eva 


3 thoughts on “Post Surgery Update

  1. We continue to uphold you all in our prayers! The Lord has something special in mind for you in Bolivia, this is only a detour in the road… A big one, granted, but not insurmountable, as we serve a BIG God.
    Marilyn and Walt Isaak

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