Surgery Date

The doctor has confirmed Gary’s surgery date for May 2 in the Calgary Foothills Hospital. Although we were hoping for a date a bit sooner, we are thankful that this is finally confirmed. All in all Gary is doing well, his energy level is a bit low, which stems from his body working extra hard to not have another seizure (with the tumour pushing against his frontal lobe) as well the side effects from his anti seizure meds.

The out pour of support continues to amaze (and sometimes over whelm) us. Know that we appreciate all of it so, so much! We are currently settled in Lethbridge with everything that we need, thanks to so many of you.
The doctor did tell us that even if the surgery goes well and the tumour is benign, we should not leave the country for at least 3 months. Although that seems so long considering we were prepared to leave for Bolivia in May, we want to try and make the best of our time here. Our desire, first and foremost is to seek opportunities to share the love of Christ with others in all situations and we can do that every where. We hope to further our Spanish studies by connecting with a Hispanic church here in Lethbridge for an evening service, as well as continuing different programs from home as time allows depending on Gary’s health.
Over and over again we are reminded that we committed our lives to the Lord. We have said, “Send us! Use us in whatever way you need to bring others to you.” If anyone comes to know the Lord through this or draws closer to God through this, we praise Him for allowing us to be a vessel in that.    
Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for your love and support. 
Until next time, 
P.S – One of these days I’ll do a “sincere spill of how a feel about all of this” post….

One thought on “Surgery Date

  1. hey guys!
    We hope this finds you well and that you’ve had a chance to settle in and get some rest. Evie prays for “Mr. Gary to get better” everytime she prays for dinner. And we’ve been praying for you guys as well. We miss you guys! I miss our 8 PM sponateous get togethers!

    Thanks for keeping us all in the loop.

    John and Kristen

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