Ever said “God put this or that on my heart, therefor I must do it”? I have.

Recently God put something on my heart to do, or so I thought anyway. I went about my way to make this happen. As I was in the process of making this happen, something just didn’t feel right. So I prayed for God to make it very clear in my heart whether or not he wanted me do to this.

During this process of discernment, God put it on my heart to answer these questions:

Why do you think you should do this?

What is behind the motive to do this?

Where did the idea that you should do this come from?

Who would you be doing this for?

When I first sat down to answer the questions I wanted to start answering each one of them with “For Gods Glory.” Nope, I can’t even lie to myself. Guilt is real. So I started answering each one of them in honesty (yep, the deep down from the darkness of your heart honesty)….

I wrote out the questions and answers on a sheet of paper. The true answers were so ugly, I was embarrassed to read them. Then I remembered, God knew my heart all along. I cried out to God inย repentance.

So did God call me to do this thing?

Well now that I have repented I have a renewed sense of passion and peace that God really wants me to do this. I realize that the BIG FAT desires of my flesh got in the way and got me off track.

I needed this. God knew.

Now that I’m back on track (and a renewed awareness to stay on track) I say: “Here I am God, I will do it, FOR YOUR GLORY!”

Anything going on in your life where you need to ask yourself these questions to get back on track?

Until next time,


5 thoughts on “Discernment

  1. Thanks for sharing so honestly, Eva. I’ve been there, and I know I will face that again, so I thank you for the reminder. Isn’t God gracious in His dealings with us? I love Him for it, even though sometimes the process is hard.

  2. What a wakeup call! I needed to hear this and I certainly needed to hear my answers to these questions…not what I would like to admit were my answers though. Yes God is gracious in His dealings with us; I couldn’t agree with you more Darlene. Our God is mighty to save!

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