I haven’t written in a while and I could probably come up with a lot of different excuses, but I guess the main reason I haven’t written is because I was waiting to write a perfect post. A post where I could tell all of you that things are fine and dandy, that we’re fluent in Spanish and that life couldn’t be better. Well I came to the realization today that won’t ever happen so I’m just going to write you from this imperfect state and tell you about my one PERFECT desire.

You know life really isn’t bad; we have a sweet little apartment with all the furnishing we need, more food than we could eat in a week and the list goes on. It’s really not this area in my life that leaves me to desire. It’s more the shaping and moulding of me, no not physically (well I guess there a bit too) but my inner shaping and moulding.

Time management seems to always be an issue in everyone’s life, I find it is more so for me now than it ever has been. When you’re learning a new Language you don’t just have your assigned homework and once that’s done your free. You can spend 24/7 studying and still feel the need to study more. So I’ve had to set boundaries and priorities; God first, Gary second, Alayna third and school fourth and so on.

With God being my first priority I realized something very quickly, the same way you can spend 24/7 studying a new language is the same way you can spend time in His word and still feel the need to spend more time with Him. Over whelming, right? I prayed for discernment and God answered.

Learning Spanish is a process; repetition is the key to perfection.

Becoming like Jesus is a process; repetition is the key to perfection.

I dream big and have learned that life is short and I do not want to miss opportunities or waste precious time. But I didn’t want to continually feel over whelmed with all that I could/should do, especially about deepening my relationship with Jesus and becoming more like him. I was super stoked when He confirmed in my heart what is right for me at this stage in life. Repetition.

One of the questions God has been putting on my heart in the last months is this, “Who am I serving, people or Him?” Which brought me to the Book of Galatians; “Am I now trying to win the approval of men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ.” Galatians 1:10

Of course I’m serving Christ!…… Or am I really?…… Am I more concerned what He will think of my actions or those around me? Is my focus on Him and what HE can do through me? Or do I take things into my own hands? Do I praise Him for the goodness in my life or give myself a pat on the back?

This is the area I desire complete PERFECTION.

I want to be a servant of Christ; FULLY! I want my focus to be on Him, every day, every minute. When I’m about to do something I want to first and foremost think, is this pleasing to Christ? And most of all I want to fully deny myself and glorify GOD in everything HE does THROUGH ME! When things come together in life (or fall apart) I want to go to God that split second praising Him, having my heart cry out, “It is all YOU JESUS”.

I KNOW I am nothing without Jesus, but I want to LIVE that.

I am so thankful that He has placed this specific ‘shaping’ on my heart at this time in my life. I know it will take me my whole life to perfect, but I want to start the repetition of learning this NOW.

Every day that I come closer to really comprehending the fact that it is ALL JESUS and nothing EVA, everything else in life will come that much closer to PERFECTION.

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Perfection

  1. Thanks Eva! You voiced some of my exact thoughts,and I really appreciate you sharing what God laid upon your heart. I have recently realized my own struggle with time management and priorities and am still working through what I need to do. I know God will guide me as I seek Him above everything else – even though language learning IS super important. Blessings to you all!

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