September in Texas

Buenas Tardes,

I realize it’s been a couple of weeks but it seems the further we get into the semester the more time we need to spend in our studies. Study, study, study!

What a journey language learning is. I really think that every person should experience learning a new language. It’s not even about everybody knowing more than one language but it’s what you learn while learning a new language.

Have you ever met someone that didn’t speak english well and immediately you felt different towards that person? Your respect level probably dropped and you viewed them differently…. Well, I think it is common.

The first thing I learned was humility. I have never considered myself as an ‘arrogant or pride full’ person and I hope for those of you that know me you haven’t either;) but being here and learning Spanish has (already) taught me what it means to be completely humble.

I make so many mistakes in a day I lose count the moment I step out the door. When I try to speak it I am often misunderstood because I can’t get my point across which makes me seem like someone I am not. (all very common when learning a new language)

It is a time of intense emotions as we’ve just left everything that was familiar. Intense emotions usually turn you into someone you really aren’t or want to be… Oh, this makes for good times;).

Having said all that I can also tell you this, I have never felt as content about ‘struggling’ as I have since being here. Yes there are tears (lots of them sometimes), yes there is sweating (literally) but deep down there is a content feeling beyond human explanation.

Would you believe if I told you that there are other bonuses with that content feeling? (because that in it self is worth EVERYTHING). Well there is, I’m beginning to understand general everyday conversations!!! So, so so exciting! And on some days when God feels I could use a boost I can actually understand a fair bit in Chapel, oh I’m telling you, those moments make it feel like I could fly;), we have also met and made some fantastic friends here. Talk about a gracious every present giving God!!!

Before I close I’ll fill you in on the two very special people in my life: Gary is doing well, language learning is a struggle for him (I have the advantage of already knowing German which helps a lot). Gary is also a hands on guy and ‘book learning’ isn’t his method of learning. So when you think of Him please pray for God’s mercy to pour on Him. He loves receiving encouraging notes so if you feel lead I’m sure he’d appreciate  your encouragement;). He is doing very well under the circumstances and we are so thankful for the Holy Spirit’s guidance to encourage and lift each other up.

Our little Alayna is doing great! We’ve learned that in Spanish her name is pronounced the same way you would say Lena in German with an A in front… Very cool!:) She is growing so fast and is starting to communicate so much. Since we’ve been here I’ve realized how hard it is to learn a language as an adult, so I have been trying to only speak German to her.. Ha ha, poor girl, so confused. Maybe she’ll grow up speaking Gerspanglish.:):):)

Know that you are loved and that God wants all of content in His perfect plan for our lives,

Until next time,

P.S One of these days when I feel I have extra time I’ll take and post pics of our wonderful new home in this place we call Texas.. (Yes it’s still hotter here in September then any summer month in AB)

3 thoughts on “September in Texas

  1. Oh wow! I can’t imagine first of all, being in texas where it’s too hot to think! Then I can’t imagine being you and having to learn a different language. And THEN I can’t imagine being Gary…having to learn Spanish, and also struggling with German. AND THEN I can’t imagine going for a whole year as a child learning english to then hearing something unfamiliar! Gerspanglish it is! But how lucky you will all be to communicate in 3 different languages! Fantastic! May God be with you, to give you clarity and focus, and a sudden knowledge of the languages you will need!

    Glad you are content though. I’m still learning that, but I think it’s working!

    Love and hugs to you all!
    Please smooch those little Alayna cheeks for me!

    Tia Randi
    Tante Randi

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