Life Today

Life Today

I don’t even know where to begin. But since I must start somewhere here it goes.

These last couple of weeks have been something… Ha ha, who am I kidding, these last couple of years have been something. But I will focus on these last couple of weeks and the days before us.

Today is Thursday and as I write this we are on our way to Okotoks for a conference. Yes, the only time to write is on the go.

Tomorrow is Friday, our final day to pack.

The day after is Saturday, in which we have a wedding to attend and family to see.

The day after that is Sunday, our commissioning service in the morning and then,,,,,, off we go. Yep, that’s right, the time has come and I don’t know what to say or feel….. We are leaving Canada, not just for a couple days or weeks like we have been these last couple of years, but for 3 years or more. I don’t think my computer is water proof, so I’m going to change the subject.

We have had quite the journey these last couple months having shared our story in so many different places. It has been so good to meet many new people and catch up with old friends. Right now I am thankful that part is over (for now), I really don’t feel like presenting or sharing that story any more. Good thing we are onto a new part of our journey.

In a week from today we will be in Texas (if all travels go well), and we will be setting up our house (for 9 months). I am really excited to learn Spanish. Not the kind of excitement that keeps you up at night, but a thankful kind of excitement. I know it will be hard, but I am thankful for this opportunity. My dad would be real proud of me for learning Spanish.

You’re probably wondering where Alayna is in all of this; well, she’s still here and still an Angel as always. All of our traveling and teething in July got to her a bit, but she’s a trooper and after a couple days at home she’s back to her normal happy self, as long as we are around. If you think of her please pray for her transition, as she will need to go to day care while we are in school 8am-noon. So far she doesn’t do well with staying with other people (unless it’s auntie Lisa) so we’re praying for a “smooth” transition.

This is life today as we know it.

Until next time,


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