Financial Support Update

The countdown is on, we leave for Texas in 11 days!!!

First, we want to THANK each one of you for walking along side us on this journey. We understand that you are putting huge faith and trust in the calling on our lives.

Our last couple days in Canada seem to be filled with all sorts of emotions as we say farewell to all our family, friends and possessions. But through this we remember that we have an AMAZING support team behind us. We CAN NOT do this alone, but with your support and with God as our guide we’ll get to where HE wants us. So THANK YOU for making this a part of YOUR ministry.

Second, we would like to ask all of you that have felt called to give financially and haven’t yet done so to please take the time to do so by going online to or by calling 1877 305 3322 or by filling in this Donation Response Card and mailing it to the address provided.

The EFCCM leadership prefers that their missionaries go to the field fully funded, for good reason. The first couple of years (and the ones after that) will be a challenge, and to be in the field under funded only adds stress and tension. We looked at the budget our Area Director provided for us and felt that we could manage the first year or two at 80% of the assigned budget. Although that is not an ideal situation, our Area Director approved our departure for Language school considering the support we had been receiving and the number of churches we had visited.

Now with only 11 days before departure we find ourselves under 80% funded.

It may seem like a short time to us, but our God is all powerful and 11 days is plenty of time for Him to make this happen. MANY of you have already committed to monthly donations and MANY of you have given one time donations. That is such a HUGE confirmation to us that God is working and that He will continue to do so.

We’ve all heard this before, “no amount is too small,” give in obedience to what God is putting on YOUR heart. There are over 300 of you receiving this message, if a quarter of you committed to $50 a month we would be fully funded. Pray with us for this, would you?

We appreciate each one of you dearly and look forward to seeing God work through all of us in Bolivia!

Until next time,




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