Ever prayed for something and waited for results but never saw any?

We listed our house as a rental in February of this year. It’s June now and we are still Waiting. Praying. Hoping.

Gary and I have done everything we felt God was asking of us, we’ve fasted, marched around our house 7 times, prayed, prayed and prayed some more. We moved at the beginning of May as a step of faith believing that although it didn’t happen for May 1rst, if we still went with what we had felt called too, God would provide renters. Still here we are, with NO renters!!!

So this morning I connected with our management company again and they informed me that there has been lots of interests and that they had another showing yesterday. That’s great, but seriously how many showings does it take to rent one house? Can you hear my temper escalating? Yes, I may seem nice 99% of the time, but every once in a while things get to me too. πŸ˜‰

I needed to get out what ever was brewing inside of me, so instead of yelling at our management company (who are doing their best) I decided to yell at God. Yep, that’s right, I YELLED AT GOD! Whether you agree if that’s ok or not, is not the point. The point here is that is what I did, and He seemed ok to hear what I had to say. Interestingly enough, after I was done yelling at Him, He had a few things to tell me…. He told me to read Job. Seriously! Job?!?! Ok, just as He told me to go read Job I instantly retracted and told Him that I knew my problems weren’t any where near the struggles Job went through but He insisted that I read Job, starting at chapter 1. So I did.

As I read God pointed out a couple of key points.

God and Satan both knew that Job was devoted to God, but Satan believed that if everything was taken away from Job then He would loose faith. I could go into all the details about what Job went through but instead I encourage you to take the time to read Job. You’ll find that through ALL HIS TRIALS “Job did not sin by charging God with wrongdoing.”

After speaking at a church or meeting new people they often ask us, “how did you come to have such strong faith?” Or they tell us, “you seem to have it all together.”Β Well, if you know me personally or if you have read my blogs you already know that we “do not have it ALL together” and that my faith is similar to Peter’s faith…. I can walk on water as long as my focus is on Jesus, but then so often (a little too often) I loose focus and I sink.

So this morning I sunk. But God pulled me back up and spoke to me through Job’s trials.

This is the question He left with me, “Eva, will you trust me only as long as I answer prayers according to your will, or will you trust me even after you have nothing left?”

My answer, “Lord, I will trust you even when I have nothing left, because I will ALWAYS have you, and you know and want what is best for me.”

Whether our house rents today or next June, God knows what He’s doing. Although I don’t understand at the moment, His hand is in it and it’s would be seriously silly for me to sink about this one again.

Until next time,

5 thoughts on “Renters

  1. Love this Eva. Thanks for your honesty. God is more intersted in helping us grow than doing things for us…. Sounds almost silly when I say it that way, but it makes me mad when somone says that when I REALLY NEED SOMETHING DONE!!! David yelled out to (or at) God in the Psalms too. You’re in good company between Job and David!

  2. I believe God appreciates and treasures our 100% honesty with him, he knows what it feels like to be a human in this world, and with full grace and mercy he listens and replies. Take Heart Gary and Eva, there is such an incredible purpose to this renter void. As it fills your hearts with dependency on him, God Bless,
    The Motz

  3. Thanks for sharing your honesty. You can only do what you can do…and that is to trust God. He has a plan, and I admire the faith that you have…in everything you do. Just keep on keepin’ on and hang in there. Job is a good reminder when we are facing trials and frustrations…so thank you for that as well!
    Love you lots

  4. THANK GOD!! thank Him that you didnt get the wrong renter who destroyed your home due to impatience! PRAISE Him – just because he took care of you when you thought you were walking this part of the road alone! LOVE Him – because He has got it perfectly under control. ( but it sure is easy to help Him pointing out what just aint happening!) Frustration & Telling Him about it is a great thing to do IMO, I believe you will likely have ample opportunities over the next years to recreate this scene over a multitude of events.


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