Stranger – nouna person with whom one has had no personal acquaintance.

Stranger…. Neither the word or definition sound very fun or appealing, does it?

Well, in the last couple of months we have had the chance to encounter a lot of strangers. As a matter of fact, we get to stay at strangers houses for the night. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Just picture this: It’s been a long week (either at work or at home with a one year old) and FINALLY it’s the weekend. You’ve counted days until Friday and now it’s finally here. And then you remember, oh it’s another ‘Ministry’ weekend. (ya right, as if you forgot) And this is the 5th ‘Ministry’ weekend in a row. And on ‘Ministry’ weekends you leave either Friday or Saturday, depending on how far you’re driving. You get to drive for a day or two (with a one year old) and then you get to stay at a strangers house! Sounds fun and appealing doesn’t it?

So what does one do at a strangers house? Well, before you get there, you wonder what they are going to be like. Are they going to be young or old? (most times they are grandparents). Is it going to be relaxing or awkward? What type of sleeping arrangements will they have; double, queen? What are they going to feed you? The list goes on and on.

Then after you have slept, ate and showered at this strangers house, you get to go to a strange church and tell everyone about your life – IN DETAIL!

Sound unappealing yet? Well, as I write, it does sounds unappealing to me. And the truth is, I always get a bit antsy just before we get to the stranger’s house but once we get there it’s really not that bad. (To this day anyway;)

I have a husband who loves to talk (to strangers) and Alayna is so darn loveable that she can make any place or situation relaxing, even as she gets into anything and everything after a day in the carseat. And not to mention the loving, caring phenomenal ‘strangers’ that open THIER house to US.

You know, the ‘easier’ and ‘comfortable’ way would be to just rent a hotel where ever we go. But easy and comfortable isn’t always best. Because first of all, that would be expensive. And second of all, we would miss out on the opportunity to get to know these ‘strangers’ to that extent.

So here’s to all of YOU that have opened your home to US. We are so thankful for your hospitality! I hope to have a home someday where I can bless others as we have been blessed by YOU!

If you haven’t opened your home to someone in the last year and you have the room to do it, make a point to make it happen. It’ll be good for your soul!

Oh, and the part about telling everyone about your life in detail, really isn’t that bad either. God is writing a book and I think it would be sad if we were the only ones to read it.;)

God is good! All the time!

Until next time,


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