It’s about time

It’s been a while.

I knew that, but needed to be reminded by a really good friend. So here I am.

I will attempt to sum up what has been and is happening in the Cool lane.

We moved.

Alayna turned one.

My brother met a girl!!!

My sister became a Christian!!!

Our house is still not rented.

We have been visiting tons of churches, and still have tons to go.

How is that for an update? Ha ha… Just joking. But that is all the truth. We did move, at the beginning of May to be exact. Although our house didn’t rent for May 1rst, we felt that God still wanted us to move in faith, believing that He would provide. So we did. We sold all our stuff (well, most of it) and moved to Lethbridge. We have been blessed beyond measure by a wonderful friend who has opened her home to us. We now live in a HUGE house, with lots of room for Alayna to explore and roam. Although our house hasn’t rented, God has provided for us in ways we could have never imagined. The carpets in this house were shampooed, invoice free. I now no longer need to live by my title “Stay at home mom.” We were blessed with a car from friends of ours. So now Gary can take the car to work and I have a car to GO PLACES…. I feel so FREE..he he:) Our freezer was recently filled with an amazing variety of meat – invoice free…. That is just to list a few. God is GOOD!

Alayna did turn one… And it was loads of fun to celebrate her birthday. Even Bob & Larry came to her party. Alayna was born on the same day as my mom’s birthday, so this being her first birthday, I had to figure out how I could celebrate her birth in excitement while at the same time take some time to remember my mom and her birthday… It’s was harder then I thought it was going to be…. But we’ll keep working on that one.

I’ve actually been missing my parents like crazy lately. Not sure why. Maybe it’s because the reality of what we are doing is starting to sink in and I need them to tell me they are proud of me or that they think we’re crazy for doing this….

Yes, my brother did meet a girl. Why do I need to write about it? Because it’s VERY special. My brother Henry and I have been very close for many, many years. I’ve been praying for a good girl for him. He has met girls in the past and he would ask me what I thought, and he never liked what I had to say. Funny, because now he’s breaking all the rules by dating someone I haven’t even met. But I have a good feeling about this one.

The Angels in heaven are rejoicing as my sister committed her life to Jesus. She was so excited to tell me and I was SOOOO excited to hear it. It seems surreal, but it just goes to show how ALIVE our God is. I have been praying and waiting for this for years. Thank you Jesus! Love you forever sis!

Now onto our ministry journey. It’s been a journey all right. We have visited soooo many churches, and have 5 more scheduled. It’s GREAT, but can also get a bit tiring. I miss listening to someone else speak. Listening to sermons at home is just not the same as worshipping and learning together with your home church. I miss you CDCC:(

We have been/are so encouraged by the many wonderful people we meet. Some just blow us away with there generosity and support, and others are hesitant. Obedience to God’s call in one’s life is not just about walking on roses. Whether that is obedience in going or supporting. It means getting out of our comfort zone and trusting the voice of God and going forward in faith.

Gary and I are doing well. We try to find time to ourselves to rest and recuperate. Gary is such a good man. He works full-time and amazes me with taking care of Alayna when he gets home so I too can get some Eva time in. God continues to remind us we are in this together and we need to work together to make this work.

It’s the end of May, crazy! We believe that in just over 8 weeks, we will have enough prayer and financial support to leave for language school in Texas, Because GOD IS ALL POWER FULL. So many of you are praying for us and so many of you are supporting this ministry financially. We THANK YOU and LOVE YOU! For those of you that aren’t yet, but feel God nudging you, please obey. It’ll be a beautiful journey. He promises!!

How ‘s that for an update?! I hope I didn’t loose you along the way, and if I did, that’s ok, it felt good to get it out:) And if you get nothing else out of this blog – remember this – strive to be content, and look for the joys in life, it doesn’t matter what people think of you, you’re not living for them, it’s God who created you, strive to make HIM happy.

Until next time,




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