If we believed that God would answer our prayers, would we pray more???

Recently I heard a very powerful message on prayer (those of you that were there will know what I’m talking about). It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear at this time. I/we so desperatly need prayer, and I need to believe that God will answer according to His good will.

Soooo many things are out of my control (normal day to day stuff, that a normal non-moving-across-the-world-person-doesn’t-think-about kind of stuff). I feel like God is stretching me in ways I never thought I could go. Sometimes through out my day as I plan this and plan that, I stop and realize what I’m doing… This is what it sounds like, “If this falls into place then we will do that, and if that falls into place then we will go there, and if there falls into place then we will go here and if here falls into place then we will be do that.” Ok, just writing that makes me tense, but that is the dead honest truth. I think of that and all I want is one ounce of certainty…… I just want to SCREAM!!!! God you made me this way, I live on structure and schedule… What is this?!?! How am I suppose to plan for this when I don’t even know that will work out!?

Two things. PRAYER. FAITH.

When you look at that you may think, simple enough. NO, IT IS NOT SIMPLE!!!!! It’s hard to pray and have faith that God will answer and that God’s will for us is perfect… But when you do, IT FEELS SOOOOO GOOD!

PRAYER. FAITH. That is what keeps me going these days. If I did not have that. I would crawl into a closet and not come out till all “this” is over.

Believe me when I say, that’s as honest as it gets!

This is our speaking schedule for the next 4 months

April 15 – Champion Efree

May 6 – Foremost Efree

May 13 – Bassano Efree

May 20 – Hepburn Gospel

May 27 – Dewberry Efree

June 3 – Wainwright Efree

June 10 – Seven Persons Efree

June 17 – Whitecourt Efree

June 24 – Enchant Efree

July 15 – LaGlace MB

Along with these two major events:

April 28 – Community Garage Sale CDCC

May 12 – Dessert Night/Silent Auction Taber Efree

With other conferences and personal commitments not noted… And still waiting for a few more church confirmations.

Oh and we also plan to move at the end of April (because we believe God will provide renters for our house for May 1).

I think that about covers it.

James 4:2b says, “You have not, because you do not ask God.” I’d hate for that to be the truth.

Will you join us in praying?

Until next time,


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